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Cure Elixirs / Mystic Mana


Dive into the world of mysticism and wonder with Cure, the only mobile libation station for hire that comes packed with elixirs and mystic mana to cure you of your mundane routine. 


Double the fun, half the size. Cure has a fully functioning bar with all of the ingredients for your favorite concoctions. Pick your poison. Choose from a list of our best spirits or get crafty and let our artisanal alchemists brew something for you. Hungry? Our mystic mana will satisfy your cravings with a savory or sweet treat.

You can find Cure at your local First Fridays or at your next event. Wow your friends and family with handmade potions that are sure to impress. 


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van photos via Instagram @bardecru

drink and bartending photos via Unsplash.com