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TREK is the only travel app specifically designed for students studying abroad.


Packed with features ranging from planning excursions to finding the nearest Wifi hotspot or post office, TREK eliminates the need for multiple apps and acts as your comprehensive travel companion. 


TREK connects students to their program group and other app-users studying abroad in the area. It encourages interaction with each countries culture through daily documentation of the unique experiences had by utilizing notes, photos, and voice memos. 


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Register with your personal information, select the University that the study abroad program is through, find your program and start TREKing! 


While abroad, everyone needs a homebase.

Here, you can find the latest updates from friends, upcoming trips, assignment and calendar reminders, and weather reports.


Hungry? Need to send that obligatory postcard to your family?

No problem. TREK has a feature called Finder, which can locate just about any business in the surrounding area.


The world is vast and there is a lot to discover.

TREK connects users to the world around them by listing nearby businesses, translation tool, and currency converter. 


Now that you are finally abroad, visiting your dream destination is within reach. 

Overwhelmend? TREK compiles all of your necessary trip essentials in one place. Build and maintain your personal itinerary.

Access or purchase tickets from in-app. We'll even recommend some other go-to spots based on your preferences. 

How much do you need for your next trip? 

TREK's currency converter stays updated on the most recent rates of exchange to help you when you need it. 



Not familiar with your host country's language?


TREK can translate practically any language on the spot. Languages can be translated from text, photograph, or by spoken conversation.


Never miss a moment. TREK allows users to document every vital part of their experience with the inclusion of notes, photographs, and a specialized travel journal. 


Relive the memories by searching your travel map and see all the places you were able to TREK with notes and photos.


With Messages, you can stay in contact with members of your programs or other app users that you connect with over the duration of your time abroad. 


Create your profile to show where you have been, how long you have been there, and what program you are in.

TREK connects you with your progr


Connect with your program group. The group section list all members on your program as well as the country and cities where your program is taking place.